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2011 Populist Economic Movement

On September 17th of 2011 a movement calling itself "Occupy Wall Street" emerged in New York City with the stated goal of ending the disparate influence that monied interests have over the government of the United States of America.

By October 6th, sympathetic protest movements in hundreds of other cities as culturally and geographically diverse as San Francisco, CA, on the West Coast - and Memphis, Tennessee, in the South, had arisen...

Over 830 individual protests are currently underway in these cities. (A full list at http://www.occupytogether.org/)

While these protests are non-violent, leaderless, not affiliated with any particular political party, and have no unified agenda - they continue to grow...

2011 Populist Economic Movement - Part 2

Update: One month later, the Occupy Wall Street movements have spread to hundreds of cities in the US, rural areas, and to more than 100 countries around the globe. Political reactions to the protest are mixed, but, in the US, President Obama - after seeing his Jobs Act stymied by Congress - appears to be looking for administrative ways to provide economic relief. A home mortgage loan modification program has been launched, as well as a massive student loan debt consolidation program. We will continue to update this story as it progresses.

Update: 11/16/2011

Authorities in several major American cities have responded to the "tent cities" which have sprung up around the protest encampments with forced evictions, primarily citing health and sanitation concerns. It remains to be seen whether these movements will survive winter weather, without being able to erect what are essentially semi-permanent structures to provide shelter for those protesting on a full-time basis by occupying public spaces.

Additionally, it remains to be seen whether these movements, aside from providing unfocused pressure on the government, will be able to focus on a common platform and demand change on any particular issue - or, if, indeed, their entire strategy is to merely express discontent and hope that such spurs those "in power" to "do the right thing" on a myriad of issues, without offering specific concerns or issuing demands about issues which they wish to be addressed.

The story continues to unfold...